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  1. CODE List
  2. I work at a dealership.
  3. Car pops out of 3rd gear...
  4. Boost leak Help/Discussion thread.
  5. Potential factory wiring problem.
  6. Dealer Beware List!!
  7. Car acting up, any suggestions? HEEEEELLLPPPP!!!
  8. CEL Beep...
  9. Mopar BOV leak tester problems...
  10. boost gauge gone
  11. Rattle in dash between 2k and 3k rpm
  12. so i busted an axle
  13. car acting up
  14. check engine
  15. HELP
  16. QUESTION???
  17. Brake Light
  18. Got a P0462 Code
  19. P 2034
  20. this dealership is a joke
  21. broken ex. mani. bolt
  22. Fully built screwing more people.
  24. If you know ANYTHING about brakes... Help!
  25. Steering wheel shaking.
  26. Weird ass code
  27. S2 Boost pressure - someone confirm this...
  28. problems after wga install
  29. any ideas
  30. Any thoughts?
  31. Hey, look what I can do!
  32. I'm Getting Electric Shocks
  33. Weird squeaking noise
  34. A simple oxygen sensor gone astray!!
  35. My stage 3 Problems
  36. shimmy under torque, but not any other time...
  37. Help....PLease?
  38. fuel problem? what is going on???
  39. Question for Joo
  40. Once again owned f
  41. dealership refuse to fix my car - not covered under warranty
  42. damn wideband
  43. idling gremlins...
  44. Seat replacement
  45. Vibration and clunking from front end.
  46. Cigarette lighter isnt working and its not the fuse
  47. Stage 2 - High Octane problem
  48. Camber Bolt Kit????????
  49. Trip to dealer on Friday wasn't the end of my problems...
  50. My stumbling woes (LONG due to explanation of my suspicions)
  51. Turbo cries.
  52. Is my car gonna explode?
  53. Lug studs... oy vey iz mir!!
  54. Do the 3 boost solenoids ever fail?
  55. Out of ideas.. Someone help!
  56. so i got a call from the dealership
  57. threw code... s2
  58. Mopar isn't getting another dime unless they have to.
  59. Clutch/Tranny problems
  60. i found my boost leak
  61. Noisy fuel pump...
  62. I lost my boost gauge and power brakes at the same time!
  63. Bad Idle, Shaking, knocking noises, AHHHH!!!!
  64. oil dummy light....
  65. I need your help=D
  66. Help guys, no brakes and high idle...
  67. running into a wall.
  68. Apparently a shift fork is a wearable part...
  69. anyone have contact information for DCx?
  70. Have I discovered my problem...
  71. fuel pump noise I dont remember hearing before...
  72. bad idle and running rich
  73. tranny installation error?
  74. AGP2 WGA issue
  75. Weird noise when turning...
  76. where does this ground go? (now a serious electrical problem)
  77. Some lines in rear defroster not working.
  78. My transmission... LOL FAIL!!
  79. Hear loud bang, but everythings normal...
  80. my pressure plate exploded help help
  81. THe black box on your cars (must read) sticky
  82. problem with my gauges....
  83. I need axles! Help...
  84. I think I blew the head gasket!
  85. ***** POPPED FUSE *****
  86. My transmission woes...
  87. compression test this weekend? HOW? and ...should I be really worried
  88. Noise from Clutch
  89. help!!!
  90. Car isnt starting
  91. A little bit of help here please....
  92. ZOMG no oil cap!!!
  93. Boost gauge bit the dust....
  94. shift selcetors
  95. Hard Starting in the morning - WTH!!@$#!~@!
  96. Clutch vibrations (BAD) after new install.
  97. throwing the code...
  98. Sunroof=Broken
  99. My car is spiking 18lbs...and it's stock.
  100. misfire and no codes HELP!!!
  101. Car doesnt want to start...input?
  102. uhhh! What the hell? P1697
  104. leaking coolant from drain line
  105. Timing Belt Problem
  106. SRT-4 problems???
  107. Rear Defroster
  108. Hard start problem
  109. Hard Start problem take 2
  110. Dont know whats wrong
  112. Short shifter problem...
  113. Odd problem
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