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  1. HOW TO: Throttle body install by Pit Viper (Still needs pictures)
  2. HOW TO: Fan Switch Mod by IEATVTEC
  3. HOW TO: Turbo Timer install (relatively generic) by SRT ACE
  4. HOW-TO: filling stock mounts with "flexane" by Grifter
  5. HOW-TO: AFX (NGK) Wideband sensor install - by wootSRT
  6. HOW-TO: AGP Turbo Kit Install (LONG) by mybadasssrt4 (missing pics)
  7. HOW-TO: Get Rid of No Cat Code
  8. HOW-TO set key-fob to unlock all doors with one click
  9. HOW-TO remove 15mph auto door lock
  10. HOW-TO alarm set "horn-chirp" removal
  11. HOW TO: $20 Catch Can
  12. A list of SRT specific trouble codes
  13. HOW-TO: Boost leak checker
  14. HOW TO: Map Clamp install
  15. HOW TO: Automatic dual stage boost controller by 91cavgt
  16. HOW-TO: Short Throw Shifter (STS) Install
  17. how to section format suggestions?
  18. HOW TO: Removal of Balance Shaft Chain for 10 HP
  19. HOW TO: Thermostat Install
  20. HOW TO: FMIC install by dougnosser
  21. Wow, you guys are freakin fast...
  22. HOW TO: APEXi Turbo Timer
  23. HOW TO: Fade's 05tip mod
  24. If You Post A How To With Pics, Read Here First
  25. HOW TO: Fuel restiction removal by Vector
  26. HOW TO: Reset PCM
  27. HOW TO: Agp Wga
  28. Performance Modifications How-To's TOC
  29. HOW TO: Greddy Profec B-Spec II Wiring Diagram
  30. DRB III : Setting & testing alarm options - How To
  31. DRB III : UNprogram Remotes on RKE - How To
  32. HOW-TO: Connect aftermarket radio to antenna on the cheap.
  33. Hood Mod??
  34. HOW-TO: Easier Fan Mod Switch.
  35. hood mod pics
  36. DRB III : Bleed Brakes - How To
  37. Full Online SRT-4 Service Manual
  38. HOW-TO: STS and Booger Bushings Install w/Pics
  39. How-To: Replace transmission mount
  40. HOW-TO: installing AEM UEGO wideband by "just visiting"
  41. Brake Light
  42. HOW TO: Add another stock gauge pod
  43. HOW TO: program greddy Turbo Timer
  44. Fuel Injector flow conversions
  45. SRT4 Frequently Asked Questions Needed!!!
  46. FAQ: Common Acronyms
  47. FAQ: Common Upgrade Paths by MrCleanSrt4
  48. FAQ: Stage Kit Part Numbers
  49. HOW-TO: Replace axles (with LOTS of good pics)
  50. HOW-TO: Install 30/30 Boost Gauge
  51. Underdrive Pulley Install?
  52. Wheel Stud Replacement?
  54. Check Valve
  55. toys removal
  56. HOW-TO: Build your own MAP clamp
  57. Where am I at, what should I do?
  58. intake mani breather?
  60. has anyone order an exhaust from maxxfab
  62. Electric Boost Gauge - Help
  63. HOW-TO: Unlock All Doors with One Key-Fob Click
  64. dog bone motor mount install
  65. basic clutch install how-to
  66. camshaft removal and install...how to
  67. no cat code..trick the pcm..easy and cheap..
  68. fuel pump rewire instructions..PICS
  69. How To: BOV install with pics by powerman_dsr
  70. HOW TO: Intake Manifold Gasket Install
  71. safc settings
  72. how to for S-AFC 1.....i need it..
  73. Beeping when keys in ignition
  74. lost directions to install MOPAR BOV PLEASE HELP
  75. Heat Shield Removal?
  76. Radar detector to electrical
  77. HOW-TO: Adjust parking/e-brake
  78. How to polish a turd.
  79. removing unneeded pressure lines?
  80. Prosport gauges
  81. oil sending unit how to???
  82. HOW-TO MAP clamp and basic tuning guidelines
  83. How-To Front Wheel Bearings
  84. SRT4 FMIC Info Thread
  85. Blow Off Valve Question..
  86. Hydraulic hood
  87. Installing Greddy RS BOV
  88. HOW-TO: Coconut cake
  89. How To: make your own Cabin Filter
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