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View Full Version : stg3 w/35 shot goes 11.87@120

slow poke
10-31-2019, 02:33 PM
here's a link to the vid of my 11.87 pass.the vid is called "fast blue neon". right click save as.sorry,but my school computer wont let me copy just that vid.but theres a bunch of other good vids there.http://trmirror.rage-board.com/files/ScottsRaceStuff/TRack%20Event%2312/

this is with stg3,dab3,hom on,3" o2 housing and downpipe w/cutout open,sts,deyeme mounts,k&n drop in,26x6 slicks and a 35 shot spraying in 3rd and 4th.

10-31-2019, 02:40 PM

10-31-2019, 02:46 PM

I always love the view from behind.

11-10-2019, 04:22 PM
Nice run!! That must have felt great!

slow poke
11-11-2019, 09:58 PM
Nice run!! That must have felt great!
ya it was nice !!!!!! better on the 50 shot run until it kicked me out of HOM in 4th.... :furious3: