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View Full Version : car wash for a good cause(hit & run victim)

02-15-2019, 11:25 AM
This past Friday a young boy by the name Kristopher Harrington was killed by a hit and run driver in whittier. It happened around 9:00pm on the corner of la Mirada and leffingwell. The reason im telling you this is because the family will be having a car wash on the corner of la Mirada blvd and leffingwell at the hanks Liquor store to help raise funds for the funeral on February 18 and 19. So if you could stop by and get ur car wash its very much appreciated. I will be getting the time of the car wash tomorrow and edit the this post with the time

link to what happened.


02-15-2019, 12:41 PM
damn that really sucks. i wish people weren't so irresponsible when they have accidents, and in this case a boy lost his life. my sympathy goes out to his family and i hope the person that killed the boy is caught and held responsible for their actions.