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View Full Version : another needswings DP vid

03-28-2019, 02:32 AM
just in case any newbs are wondering about the Needswings DP here is a vid i made today. i have the Modern Performance 3" O2 housing, the Needswings 3" DP with McCord Cutout, and the stock catback. From where I had the camera sitting, the sound wasn't really much different honestly, but from inside the cabin it is WAY louder and when loading the engine it is WAYYYY louder than closed.

http://thumbs.streetfire.net/4CABD3EE-69CA-4322-8E2C-5276AA95F5FF.jpg (http://videos.streetfire.net/video/4CABD3EE-69CA-4322-8E2C-5276AA95F5FF.htm)

Click here to see Video (http://videos.streetfire.net/video/4CABD3EE-69CA-4322-8E2C-5276AA95F5FF.htm)