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View Full Version : Whoo Hooo, time for a SD meet!

07-31-2019, 07:20 PM
Well boys and girls, I have finally finished my imprisonment in Japan, and I'm back stateside! Life is good again, I can order and eat things I understand again, and love it being able to get fast food again. (In & Out)

I just got my car back and had somethings done to it while I was gone. I need someone to look at the damned thing, cuz this new WG is driving me crazy...I know, I know, thousands of threads about how to do it, but I would make me feel better if someone looked at it and gave it a thumbs up/down. Besides, I haven't heard of a SD meet for quiet some time, and I think it is over due. When is the Q running? Which strip joint is jumping still? What do you all think? :thumb: