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View Full Version : Since i don't have my own vendor section...

08-04-2019, 02:18 AM
...I decided to build a website. It is currently under construction. You can view it though and check out more of what i have to offer. I will soon have a "future products" page, a "contact" page, and "how to order" page. Those are just a few to start off with. If you have any suggestions on the site(i'm a newb to website building) let me know. Here it is.

08-04-2019, 10:15 PM
site is recently updated...check it out

08-13-2019, 04:54 AM
Coil pack heat shields are now in progress. They aren't for sale just yet. I'm still testing them on cars for (1) fitment under strut braces which should be no problem (2) making sure the paint stands up to the heat. I have them on two test cars right now, and i should be putting these up for sale shortly.
Pictures are crappy(sorry)
These are basic and simple yet get the job done. I felt no need to put graphics or cut out "SRT-4" or the "M" for mopar into it because the coil pack covers it anyways. Plus this will cut down on cost and be cheaper for you guys. No price for them yet, not untill i get them ready and for sale.

08-14-2019, 02:03 AM
I now have a guestbook on my website. If you have bought anything from me, i ask that you please take a minute out of your time and sign my guestbook. Use it like trader ratings if you can or just leave me a message about the weather. Thanks for any support guys.