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View Full Version : GI: trade+cash my rim's for stockers

08-25-2019, 01:50 PM
sup socal peeps! i have a great deal for some srt-4 owners looking for a wheel & tire package!

here's the deal... i have a BRAND new set of 17x8 35et flik artic (gunmetal) wheels comes w/BRAND new tires. these tires are AWESOME!!!! hankook ventus rs2 z212 in 225/45/17.

i paid $950 shipping to me about two months ago from edge racing.

wheels.... http://www.edgeracing.com/wheels/flik/
tires.......http://www.edgeracing.com/tires/2254517/ scroll down to check out tires

these rims are PERFECT.... and have MAYBE 1,500 miles on both rims & tires. comes with everything needed(hubcentic rings included,lugs, ect)

looking for a trade for some PERFECT(or close too it) stock srt-4 wheels with GOOD tires + 400 O.B.O

pm me if interested.