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View Full Version : map clamp?

03-18-2019, 08:06 PM
okay so im getting different feedback on which clamp is more suited for my setup, everyone says that dtec is the best and easiest but i also have heard that for s1 and stock turbo running 15psi that the afc2 was better and cheaper. im not huge into making real big power but just want to tune it for my setup. i also have heard that a clamp wasnt needed for what little mods i have but i thought the srt4 from the factory ran really rich to begin with.

03-19-2019, 04:43 AM
As far as fuel tuning, you can use dtec safc(1 or 2), mapclamp, or whatever you want. The dtec has got all the options and gismos, while the safc, are really nice and easy to work with and a mapclamp is basic of all basics. Start of by realizing what your budget is. If this will tell you right away if you can afford the big dog or not. If you do have the money, how far do you want to tune the car? Every last power number you can get, or just a better tune than currently running. If you don't have the money, then you either wait till you do or get a mapclamp for the time being. One big thing you should think about though, is is your car ready for a fuel tuning device yet? If you are still running on computer controlled boost, adding a fuel tuner may make it more difficult to tune with. There is a minimum mods that i recommend before getting any one of these devices.
First would be a wga(pretty much a must have whether you have an mbc, ebc or neither)to get off comp. controll.
Second would be a wideband. There is no way to tell where you car is at afr wise without one of these or a dyno tuning session.
Once you do those two, then you can start looking into a fuel tuner of some type. Some may disagree, but most will agree with this.

03-19-2019, 08:25 PM
i agree with garrett. i have been using a MAP clamp for over a year. it works fine for a daily driver tune. i added a rising rate fuel pressure regulator to the mix to tune it a little bit more. that was nice to have, but not a ncessity. it will come particularly in handy whenever i decide to ditch the stock turb and go with something more expensive and need more fuel.

if your choiced are DTEC, SAFC, MAP clamp, i would get the DTEC is money is no object and toss in the DTEC-BC package with it to make it a complete unit. that will run you around $650 if i remember correctly. you dont NEED the BC, so if you dont want it i think just plain DTEC-FC is around $350-ish, someone please correct me if i am wrong. and of course, like garrett said, if money is tight or you just dont have the particular desire to squezk every single ounce of power out, then a MAP clamp will still work just fine for you.

what i would do if i was you right now is do some soul searching. be honest with yourself. decide what your short term AND long term goals are with the car and make your decision based on that. if your long term goal is to make an insane power monster but your short term goal is just to tweak it a little bit for now, then a MAP clamp may suit you ok. if your short term goals are to make some fat power right now but you plan to sell the car long term, then maybe spending a ton of money is not the best idea and you might want to go back to square one.

if your short term is to make power and your long term is to set some kind of record, you might wanna just spend the money once and do it just this time...

just my 2 cents

03-20-2019, 12:27 AM
^^^^well said...