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View Full Version : "Bad Penny" is finished

04-29-2019, 11:16 AM
Here is the quote from the owner Steve Rupp.


Today was the day, the first drive.

The dyno tuner in Claremont, CA, called me up to say she was all tuned and ready to go home. They are located about 40 miles away and there’s no easy way from there to here. Usually when I start “breaking in” a newly done car I take a spiral approach. This is where I drive around the block, then around two blocks, then a little farther until I feel the car is officially “road worthy”.

However it was Friday night and I couldn’t arrange a flatbed tow. Screw it, I decided to drive her home. At first it was strange, but as I drove I got more confident with the way she shifted and felt.

She’s fast, smooth silky speed…

On the mustang-style dyno she put down 440rwhp and 390 rwtq. That’s right around where a new Z06 comes in on his dyno.

My max torque is at 4500 and at 6500 I’m still at 90% of that. Gotta love a flat torque curve. At 6500 rpm the car still accelerates to the tune of 7.4 feet per second. A bit above a new Z06. She would pull to 7000 but we decided to set the rev limiter to 6700 to save the rods.

She idles very nice. During the drive home she never went over 190 degrees. The brakes worked great. The car road like a new car. It was firm but didn’t fell like an old car. I still need an alignment, but the car tracked well and was rock solid stable.

I got a ton of thumbs ups from people. Several shouts and three times I caught people taking pictures. On the 91 fwy the people in one car were video taping me, so I dropped a gear and hit it. :)

Oh, and several people tried to race, I declined.

When I got home my wife loved the car. It’s the first time she’s seen it in over a year and she very much liked how it turned out. That was nice and I’m a lucky guy.

Ok, the bad..

On the way home I guess I went too fast. In my driveway there was a small nick in my door, no dent just a scratch like a knife hit the door. I couldn’t figure it out until my noticed the passengers side (vertical) stainless window trim was gone.. poof. I guess it came off and nicked the door on the way to the great unknown. Lol. Maybe I need to safety wire my trim.

Anyways, I will fix that and BOS will fix the nick. Just part of the sorting out process. Saturday we shoot the car in an old machine shop, should be cool and I’m almost done writing the story for Super Chevy.

After driving her I’m hooked, it was such a blast. The suspension felt great, it felt stable and it felt reliable. All this without tuning or even an alignment.

It’s going to be a fun fun summer…

Here’s the missing trim and nick..could have been worse.


Here’s her new license plate :D


And best of all, here’s a vid of the max effort pull on the dyno.

Thanks to all those who have helped make this happen. Best of Show, Lateral-Dynamics, Marquez design, Rick’s hot rods, DSE, American Autowire, Classic Chevy 5-speed, Optima, Stewart Warner, ATS, Modo Innovations, 21st Century Street Machine, AFCO, COMP, Varishock, Inland Empire Driveline and everyone that helped give me opinions, ideas and encouragement.

This community is family and this family has a new, and soon to be very active, member.

04-29-2019, 12:04 PM
I am so jealous..........................dammmmmnnnnnnnnn!

04-30-2019, 08:40 AM
That's a nice car. :hit:

04-30-2019, 08:53 AM
If I was a girl and met a guy with a car like that I would probably fuck him......:hit: :love:

05-07-2019, 10:21 AM


It was the best week. Penny was done, on the road, and any issues were minor. She ran fast, ran hard and felt great.

The people on the road like her, they snapped pictures and tossed "thumbs ups" wherever she went.

It was the culmination of 1.5 years of re-doing her into what I envisioned. A lot of people put in a lot of time and it showed, I was tired but proud.

Since last Friday I had been driving her a lot. Nearly 500 miles so far. Today (Saturday) I was going to take her down to Best Of Show Coachworks so we could rack her up and do a "bolt check". Mainly just to make sure everything was nice and tight. We were also going to fix the window trim that came loose and fix the resulting nick. Small stuff. Was also going to take the guys for a ride in the car.

Got on the 91 fwy and headed off. Car was running sweet and it was nice. In Corona I hit traffic. No surprise, this is California. It was the type that went then stopped, then went then stopped.

I was stopped in Penny.. fully stopped when I heard the screeching of tires. I never saw the full sized GMC 4x4 truck... but I felt the impact.

Luckily I had my foot on the brake rather than just sitting in neutral. That kept me from eating the car in front of me. That and the large gap I generally leave as a cushion.

I knew I was screwed.. royaly.

The guy was sorry, I was furious. At first I thought he pissed himself then I realized he had spilled a drink all over himself. I wanted to choke him.. to death.. repeatedly. After many curse words I calmed and realized that he was sorry. Hey, it's not like he set out that day to screw up my life. The good news it that it was a fully (and I assume heavily) insured company truck. If you live in SoCal you know that was a relief.

He admitted full fault to myself and the CHP. What else could he say with the back of my car creamed? Nothing... I had the flatbed truck carefully load her up and take her to Best Of Show for repair. I'm sure it will take months.

The bad: Needs all new sheetmetal in the back except the roof. Both quarters, both valances, trunk, etc.

The good: (there's always good) the hit was high so all the energy went into the quarters and not the frame which on cursory inspection looks fine. She drives and moves... Oh, and I'm ok.

I was wearing my full harness, it kept me in place and also kept me from banging the cage. I'm sore, I have a headache, but I not in the hospital.

There was really nothing I could do, I was fully stopped in traffic. I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. I guess that's life. I'm sure his insurance will pay (after being a Pain in the ass). BOS is very versed in dealing with insurance companies, so I'm not concerned.

Penny will live again, with fresh sheetmetal and even nicer body work. I joked with the BOS guys that the only f'd panels are the ones that they didn't paint. lol

I will post a picture.. but it's not for the faint of heart.. Remember to be safe out there. You can do EVERYTHING right and still get tagged by someone yapping on a cell phone, sucking down a latte or putting on makeup. It's an inatentive world.

I do have a cheery video to post in a bit.. to be on an upnote. However, here's the bad part....



Video of what I did after the accident:


05-07-2019, 10:23 AM
Here's a shot I took 15 hours before... Sorta sexy with the rain clouds in the background...


05-07-2019, 10:26 AM
:yikes: He handled it better than I would.

05-07-2019, 01:15 PM
That would really, really, really suck. But I guess it could have turned out much worse (injury, totaled, someone from south of the border with no license and no insurance, etc.).