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View Full Version : RS now with Videos

AJ Quick
07-04-2019, 03:21 PM
So I've been working hard writing some new features for RideSpace. Tweaking the design, fluidity and flow of some of the pages. I've teamed up with YouTube and Craigslist's syndication technologies to expand the site with videos and extended classifieds.

You can now post up your Videos, view videos comment and more. I will be further incorporating the videos into profile pages, and rides pages. It was one of the top requests we've had.. videos are now there!

Search national classifieds now with help from Craigslist. I am extremely happy with this new addition as I feel it fills a void that Craigslist was lacking. You can now find autoparts, cars, motorcycles, scooters.. etc.. by seaching nationally against thousands of classified ads. This helps if you are looking for a hard to find part, or a car that you are willing to travel for.. something you won't find on your local craigslist site.


The search function has been expanded and will be more detailed and allow for advanced searching. I have always been happy with how well the results have been coming back, and we'll allow you to narrow down results a lot better. Helpful when searching for "Neon" brings back 1000+ results.

The memberslist has been boosted by incorporating my other Autosites logins with the existing logins. If you had an account on one of my other sites you may have one now at RideSpace as well.

Now is the best time to come over to RideSpace and check it out.

I have spent hundreds and hundreds of hour developing this site. I hope you guys can spend some time on it, and help spread the word further. I really like it.. I know I've already spent a few hours the last few days just surfing the site watching videos, reading blogs and looking at rides.. the site is massive.