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View Full Version : MEET & Greet @ MOLE'........July 7th

07-05-2019, 03:42 PM
MEET & GREET @ MOLE's.....JULY 7th

MEET & GREET @ Mole'
WHAT well its time for another meet at mole' for the summer.
WHEN July 7th is the date
WHERE mole' house in San Diego, Ca. right off of the 15freeway by Qualcomm.
TIME noon til when ever

they will be a BAR-B-Q . i have plenty of parking space for you guys. kids and the wifes are welcome. i have a garage and tools if anyone want/needs to do any installs boost leak test.
i can also have PTP parts for you guys. just let me know ASAP what ya need so i can have it here for ya.
also i ask everyone bring a little something to share with everyone.
i will post up more details soon.
for anyone that needs my address and # PM.
post up it you will make it and how many will be with you, and what you will bring.
this will be a time to hang out and have fun. this will also be a good time for you never guys to ask ?s and learn some things about your car. i have space for anyone who cant drive home.
if you guys have parts for sell, bring them out.
if any of you local guys have any extra chairs i use could use them.

stuff that is needed........... chips, drinks, stuff to put on the grill, side dishes, extra chairs.
1: mole' - meat (Burgers and good dogs), beer (budlight)
2: SRT4mamae - Doritos
3: George (my friend with the Black EVO8) - dessert
4: TurboHighPSI - Baked Beans
5: fusion - good beer... (if overabundance, assign me something else)
6: Daryl - maybe?
7: 909Sxt - ?
8: Falbz - soda and chips/salsa.
9: SRTPWR41 - ?
10: DaTboiYeRiCo - soda
11: Master_1011 - cooler, chips and soda
12: clearymp - ?
13: SRTworkcar - Chairs
14: bigrikli81 - ?
15: 04TurboSRT - veggies crap
16: Warren (friend from work with EVO 9 MR)

07-05-2019, 03:57 PM

07-11-2019, 04:23 PM
you guys missed out on a b@d @$$ meet.