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View Full Version : S3r vs. Stage 2 with SST

07-20-2019, 11:31 AM
http://videos.streetfire.net/video/7e87d1a5-49ca-4530-bbdc-996f011abacb.htm SST vs. S3r both on pump gas.

updated with more info............
i was the one who filed these runs.
Jose Red car is the SST Stage 2 with toys....
Julio Silver car is the S3r car who walked Murrtown (50Trim)
S.T. Motorsports Dyno Day #s 15 July 2019

1: 04TurboSRT Julio S3r 376Hp 432Tq aka. big turbo killer c16 HOM/meth
2: SRTPWR41 Jose S2/SST 318hp 353 Tq c16 HOM/meth
both cars were non -HON on these runs from a 60mph roll.

S3 mods:
S3RToys, E-Manage, Walbro 255, AGP WGA, CTI HS pipe, JMB L/UPP w/ 1gdsm bov, AGP BOP, DCR oil mod, AGP Race FMIC, BWoody CBar, Kinetic 60mm TB, ExHone ITM, Injen SRI, CMist W/I, MxFb O2H, Mopar CatD/B, Prthne nserts, $20CC, PTPchkvalve, Mopar wires, CltchMstrs Stg4 w/Alum Fly, slow4drSTS, DCS F/R STBs, PT/ACR sway/tensn B, Revitup TBar, Sprint springs. Dyno: 380whp/465wtq, 1/8 mile: 7.6@94.78mph on M&H 24.5" slicks (1.9 60ft) HOM drop in 3rd

S2 SST performance mods:
Stage 2 with toys, PTP SST v.1, PTP modded exhaust manifold, PTP WGA, PTP 3" o2 housing, PTP RACE BIG FMIC, PTP all 3 RACE pipes w/ HKS bov, DOs W/I, PTP 255 walbro fuel pump, PTP ported ITM, PTP 60mm TB, SAFC ll w/TA, PTP 8.2 wires, NGK 2 step colder plugs, Injen SRI, PTP check valve, modded Mopar exhaust with single exit megan muffler, CM Stg4 w/FW.

09-26-2019, 07:37 PM
damn, gotta luv the SST :)

09-27-2019, 11:29 AM
That vid was horrible...sorry

10-05-2019, 08:40 PM
nice vid