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View Full Version : For Sale - Bunch of Goodies

09-24-2019, 12:34 AM
Name: Steve Bahr
Location: Palm Springs, CA
Contact: PM me or email me using my username @dc.rr.com
Price: Varies - Please don't try and use this for auctioning lower prices, if you want to give me an offer, PM or email it.
Description: Varies/Plenty of descriptions below

Okay, I live down in the Palm Springs area, and need to head up to South Coast this week, and figured I'd throw this on here, and see if anyone wanted to try and meet up, and get some SRT-4 goodies while I'm out and about. No shipping costs always makes for happy people! **NOTE: Not sure if everyone caught this or not, but this will not be the thread that I'm looking to ship anything yet. I'm heading out there to get my oil changed, and look at a few parts 'n such for the evo, so anything I can toss in the back seat, or trunk, and meet up with you along the way, I'm all for it. I will re-post another thread in the main for-sale forum which will have more items, and include shipping costs as well at a later date. Thanks again!

ps: I took out the wheels and downpipe stuff from this thread, because I won't be trying to haul them around on this trip. I will be willing to chat about them though at a later date as well.

I should have pics up by mid-morning/afternoon tomorrow after I get to the shop and take the stuff down for their photo-op.

Quick list of old goodies, and brief description*

1: MOPAR S3 Suspension w/~15,000 miles on them* ps: no the plastic stop things were not cut off. the car was just put down to those and left there.

2: AEM EMS + UEGO *installed and ran on car for about 2 months*

3: DC Strut Tower Bars, Front and Rear

4: Hotchkiss Sway Bars *Front and Rear ***might need to call/order new end-links* *i have ones, but don't remember if they are the "newer shorter" ones, got my sways direct from hotchkiss right when they first came out, then had the new end-links shipped to me later** *will have pics of all sets of end-links and sways tomorrow*

5: Perrin Pressure Pipe with HKS Flange **BLUE**

6: AGP Street Intercooler 24x12x3.5 inch bar and plate core assembly

7: KOYO Radiator

8: HKS SSQ Blow Off Valve

9: Extrude Honed Intake Manifold *my "core" went back on the neon for the trade-in, so I lost the $230 core charge, you should be able to sell your stocker and get some money back out of this easily*

10: MPx 62mm Throttle Body + Spacer **Had to cut the idle screw/spring, should call them and order a new one, or replace**

11: Quicktime Performance Electric Cutout + Wireing/Switch, and "y" pipe to fit in Stock size opening *also cut-out is stock size* note: when I had the maxxfab dp, hi-flo cat, and this on, the installer couldn't find a spot high enough, and ended up just pulling one of the inline mufflers out and replacing it with the 'y'. sounded GREAT, and passed quite well down at fontana. I have a video somewhere of me at the strip with it wide open, the track official comes up and puts his hand down by my exhaust in the back, 'n gives me the thumbs up to be able to run. they couldn't figure out why it was so loud. ;-)

******** Okay, the long and the short of it. Neon had just over 17,000 miles on it when I traded it in, got an Evo, and looking to sell these parts. I took them off the neon in March when I got rid of it, and they have been sitting on my shelves since. I have a dig. cam, and am able to take plenty of pictures for anyone interested. Again, I need to run out towards South Coast this week, hopefully mid-week, Wednesday, and figured if anyone was interested in these parts, then we could try and meet up along the way.

Thanks for your time`

Prices as follows: Again, these prices are somewhat negotiable, pretty sure they're low already, but willing to hear your opinion on it. All prices are ONLY for this trip, and will include us meeting somewhere along the way, preferrably just off the FWY between Palm Springs and South Coast.

1: $900
2: $1800
3: $180/front+rear
4: $180
5: $100
6: *might be reserved for a friend* otherwise...$450
7: $300
8: $100
9: $400
10: $200
11: $80