7 Reasons to Take Your Kids to Classic Car Shows

04-26-2014, 03:45 PM

If you're looking for something different to do with the kids, why not bring them along to a classic car show? It might seem like an odd place for kids, but there are plenty of reasons why car shows make great family outings.

Affordable Family Fun

It doesn't cost much to attend a car show. Many events offer free admission for kids. Some are completely free if you're not showing a car or running a booth. This is a big contrast to the high cost of other family outings such as going to movies or theme parks.

"Coolness" Factor

Kids love things that are big, loud and fast, and cars fit that category perfectly. The many sleek models produced in the "classic" era encompass a variety of unique styles that chug, rumble and growl as they drive by. Complete with features such as fins and bulbous headlights, these cars are different from anything your kids see on the road today and are sure to make them say, "Wow!"

Unique Learning Experience

If this is the first time you've taken the whole family to a classic car show, your kids are in for a host of new sights. When they ask questions, answer with as much information as you can along with your own memories of driving classics when they were new. Make the experience interactive by encouraging your kids to ask owners about their cars and learn some fun new automobile facts.

Preserving a Legacy

The only way to ensure that classic cars continue to be preserved is to pass the legacy on from one generation to the next. Bringing your kids to a car show gives them a chance to develop an appreciation for the cars of yesteryear. There are so many different models that even if your kids decide they only like one, it's likely one that they'll remember and want to learn more about as they get older.

Fantasy Fun

After you've been walking around a classic car show for a little while, your kids will start to develop their own tastes in designs and colors. Ask them questions about what things they like best and let their imaginations run wild as they dream about being behind the wheel of a beautiful classic. Some car owners might even be willing to let kids sit in a car and have their picture taken for a memorable souvenir.

Spark a New Interest

The experience of a classic car show is memorable for you and your kids. Even kids who think that cars are "boring" are likely to leave the car show talking excitedly about all they saw and did.

Once your kids have been to one classic car show, chances are good that they'll want to go to more. It's hard to resist the draw of bright, colorful cars from an era gone by, and sharing the experience gives your family a chance to spend quality time together enjoying something a little different.