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mole' 07-13-2020 12:41 AM

GB for PTP RACE Direct Fit FMIC
RACE DF FMIC GB, very limited.

Now you may ask why we state "RACE". Let me explain,

The stock intercoolers are made to fit the car and the flow design is not the best that it can be. What we have done is taken the stock size intercooler location and made it thicker, wider and taller then the stock intercooler and made it so the flow is radiused and smooth from turbo to t-body. What you get with this kit is:

600 WHP capable

Intercooler (not china built crap here) that is 3.5 x 28 x 7. Now this is over 8 inches wider then most of the direct fit intercoolers out there and the whole entire core is subject to direct air flow for the most eff cooling you can get.

Piping, 2.5" all mandrel bent with bead rolled edges from the turbo to the t-body. 4 ply couplers rated at 60 psi, SS t-bolt clamp for every connection, and either black, ceramic silver, or polished SS piping (SS additional).

This kit is complete from turbo to t-body, every pipe, every clamp, every coupler is there to make it an easy install. You get to keep your front crash bar with this or you can opt for the full size unit as well for an additional charge. Some work will be required to make this fit and cutting on non support area's is necessary to fit the piping.

How much... $749 shipped to the lower 48 and add $80 for shipping to HI, AK or out of the country. 5 to 10 days is the build time for these units then they ship 2/3 day priority air mail.

Why would you want to pay this much for an intercooler?

To gain HP and flow into your motor. There is a reason that Garrett cores are much more then your standard China built units, heat transfer. Not only that but you will get much more surface area as well with this unit.

There are options for BOV flanges as well so we can add that also (for a charge).

We only have 8 of these at this price. Go to the site and pay there. Make sure you contact us if you are in one of the other shipping areas.

Thanks from PTP.

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