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Up next is "poopy" and his 1st gen powered by a SBC and T5 tranny with a truck arm suspension.

Originally Posted by Poopy
A few people were asking for pics of my car, and I cant find any of my old threads....they apparantly got deleted. So here is a synopsis of my build!

Im Rob, from Abbotsford,BC, I moved last year and didnt have much shop space so my chevy II kinda lost momentum. But it was good, I did some major fab work this year on my Rock Crawling buggy and learned sh!t loads. Now I can go back to the car and redo stuff and make it better.

Heres a quick review of my stuff, its a 62, I built a truck arm style rear suspension for it, a custom built MII front clip, redid the 1/4, and countless hours of grinding cutting, blasting and welding!

THe car in its original state

The Concept:

Upside down view of the rockers, exhaust will dump here just ahead of the rear tire.

The wheels are 18" ADR Msports on a ford explorer axle, the rears are 9.5's and the fronts are 8's i



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