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Well, it's been a long couple weeks and I haven't got much accomplished but here is where I am at. I mounted the I/C but I still need to make support brackets for the uprights. Each piece that gets placed in the compartment reminds me how cramped it's going to be.

Basic overview, BOV and cold pipe in place.

Running the hot side pipes are going to be interesting. I am planning on running them even with the downbars but just underneath which on the passenger side is no big deal, but I have a P/S pump to contend with on the drivers side.

This view shows how high I have the I/C mounted. The plan here is to split the incoming air in two. I am hoping to have a lower valence/air dam that will direct air under the I/C and onto the radiator. It's kind of hard to picture it without the front end mounted but imagine the very bottom of the current fiberglass even with the bottom of the frame heads. The air dam will extend another 4-5" below that and have it's own shrouding.
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